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Can Tea Cause Constipation?

Can Tea Cause Constipation?

While tea isn’t a cause of constipation per se, the caffeine in some teas, especially black tea, may exacerbate constipation. For the most part, consuming a warm beverage, one that supplies the body with fluids and the relaxation and digestive functions tea has can help ease constipation.

As a major cause of constipation for some individuals is stress and anxiety, the relaxing effects of L-theanine can potentially help ease these mental distractions that plague those suffering from constipation.

So, for this question, the answer is also largely determined by how an individual’s body reacts to caffeine. If caffeine causes a person to be more constipated, then perhaps opt for an un-caffeinated herbal tea instead.

The Truth of Tea

When it comes to tea, just like any other beverage reputed to have health benefits, fact and fiction abounds. Tea is certainly an amazing and wonderful drink, and one that can bestow a plethora of physical and mental boons.

If you are ever concerned about tea and its effects on your mind, body or general health, always consult a physician or trained medical professional. The world of tea is vast and mysterious, and the more we question, the more we can definitely know. So keep on questioning and maybe we can discover more and more amazing facts about the wonderful drink that is tea!

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