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About Qi Aerista

Qi Aerista Story


Qi Aerista is founded by husband & wife team of Dr. Rick Ha and Karen Wan. 

Our mission is to help tea lovers make Smart & Easy Perfect Tea.

Our name Qi Aerista embodies our vision of bringing East and West together to Brew a Better World.

Rick grew up in Hong Kong, a city vibrant with tea culture from the East & West. His childhood is haunted by the horrors of badly brewed tea that ruined family meals and other special occasions.  

"What if there is a better way to prevent badly brewed tea from ruining the important moments of our lives?" Rick asked.

Our startup journey began in 2013, where we focused on developing an automatic tea making solution that makes it easy for anyone to brew any type of tea perfect to your taste every time. 

Since our market launch in July 2018, we have shipped thousands of brewers and tea packages to over 66 countries and regions. 

With our brewer, app and quality tea, Qi Aerista delivers a truly fun IoTea experience to tea lovers around the world.