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Get the Latest Qi Aerista App Now!

qi aerista app


Click on the following icons or scan the following QR code with your mobile device's browser to download the app.



  • Real-Time Tracking of brewing process - no more guessing on when your cup of tea will be ready.
  • Brewing Temperature fully customizable by 1 degree Celcius/Fahrenheit (from 25C/77F to 100C/212F) 
  • Brewing Time fully customizable by 1 second (from 2 to 15 minutes)
  • Scheduled Brewing for up to 24 hours in advance
  • 4 Brewing Modes to choose from: Heat and Brew, Boil and Brew, Boil and Cool, and Heat only
  • Notification and sound alerts when your tea is ready


Here are 2 videos that show the smart brewing features of Qi Aerista.

How to Brew Smart with the Qi Aerista App


How to Boil Smart and Brew Perfect Tea with Qi Aerista


The following video shows how to connect the app to the Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer.

How to Connect the Qi Aerista App with Your Brewer


In case you have a dual-band wi-fi router, please follow this video guide to help with your app connection.

How to Connect Your Qi Aerista to a Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router


For more information on how to connect the app to the Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer, please check out our app blog.


Step 1: 

Turn on the Brewer. On the app's Brewer screen, tap on the top left icon.

qi aerista tea app

Step 2:

Tap on 'ADD BREWER'.
qi aerista tea maker app

Step 3:

Enter your Wi-Fi passowrd and tap on 'NEXT STEP'.
qi aerista tea maker app

Step 4: 

Long press TYPE and HEAT at the same time on the Base until you hear 2 quick beeps. Repeat this step again. Then all of the Black, Green and White lights will flash. Afterwards, tap 'START CONNECTING'. 
qi aerista tea maker app

Step 5:

After successful connection, tap 'FINISH'.
qi aerista tea maker app

Step 6:

Tap on 'Connected' to return to the Brewer screen. If the Brewer screen shows 'Offline', restart your app again. Now you are all set to control your brewer!
qi aerista tea maker app