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What does Qi Aerista mean?

What does Qi Aerista mean?

Mission & Vision of Qi Aerista

Mission - Help tea lovers make Smart & Easy Perfect Tea.

Vision - Bringing East and West together to Brew a Better World.


What Does Tea Mean to Qi Aerista?

Perfectly brewed tea means more than just a beverage to us. 

It transcends geographical distances to remind people of where they came from. The taste of home.

It instills energy to all of us in every cup of tea. The taste of comfort.

It brings different people together for great conversations and laughter. The taste of sharing.

By making it easy to deliver the taste of home, comfort and sharing to tea lovers all around, we strive to touch people's hearts and make a better world with every exceptional brew.


Pronunciation & Meaning

The name Qi Aerista itself is a fusion term (i.e. portmanteau) with roots in Eastern and Western philosophies. It is consisted of 2 parts with the following meanings:

  Pronunciation Meaning
Qi “Chee” as in cheese
  1. “氣” – "Air" or "energy" in Chinese
  2. “沏” – "To brew tea" in Chinese
  3. “啟” – "To begin" in Chinese
  4. “奇” – "Unique" in Chinese
Aerista “Air-is-ta”
  1. Aer – "Air" in Latin
  2. ista – "Similar" to “barista”



The Qi part of our logo is iconized to resemble a cup and spoon as viewed from the top. It delivers a touch of Dolce Vita as part of the Qi Aerista experience.


Air & Qi Aerista

So why are we referencing "Air" in Qi Aerista? That's because air is the main driving force behind our patented brewing system. Using air allows us to independently and reliably control the 4 key elements in making great tea: temperature, time, water flow and immersion. As a result, Qi Aerista makes it easy to brew all types of tea imaginable, perfect to your taste every time. 

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Apr 01, 2022 • Posted by flettin maratt

I would like to know how many times the tea gets cycled across the brewing to resemble the tea brewing practice of using tea socks?
I am also wondering whether you have discontinued the sales of your product in Dubai and India where I was able to buy the product from?
Look forward to hear from you.

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