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Warranty Policy - Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer

Keyway Innovations Limited (hereinafter KIL) will offer one (1) year warranty service for our tea brewer products from the date of email registration through our email: support@qiaerista.com within the limit of the following conditions:

- This warranty will be valid only if the email registration is completed within 30 days upon receiving the Brewer as indicated by KIL’s shipment tracking records, failing which this warranty will be null and void.

- The email registration is regarded as completed if the following information has been provided:
(a) name;
(b) email address;
(c) mailing address;
(d) contact number;
(e) place of purchase;
(f) date of receiving the product; and
(g) invoice/order number.

- This warranty covers the product repairs or replacement on any defects which in our judgment is caused:
(a) due to faulty materials and workmanship;
(b) under normal use and maintenance in a manner that is strictly adhered to the instructions as described in the Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer User Guide.

- This warranty does not cover product and/or product parts that:
(a) are subject to wear,
(b) can be considered as consumable parts by their nature, or
(c) are made of glass.

- This warranty shall automatically be void if:

(a) the defect is due to damage caused by incorrect use and/or poor maintenance (e.g. parts blocked by scale);
(b) it has been explicitly or implicitly modified, opened, tempered with altered or repaired in any way by persons not authorized by KIL; or
(c) it has become malfunctioned due to power interruption or abnormal voltage input.

- For services, the user will be responsible for the transportation and customs duties of the product to and from our service center for repair.

- If parts purchase or replacement is involved, product warranty for the replacement parts will be valid for 180 days after payment received & parts delivery completed (whichever is later).

- For any issues, please contact Qi Aerista at support@qiaerista.com.