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How do we choose our teas?

We choose our teas based on the following criteria:

  1. Safe. The teas must be safe for us to consume and it is our number one consideration. We source from reputable, experienced tea farmers that practice biodynamic or organic farming. Our tea farmers care about their plantation and teas as much as we care about our cup of tea. 

  2. Unique. The teas must be unique in certain cherished aspect (e.g. their tea type, sensory profile, harvest year, etc.)

  3. Authentic. The taste, aroma, and appearance should match the profile of the tea type.

  4. Simply Delicious. Before we decide on which teas to source, we went through rounds of tea evaluation using the professional tea evaluation process, the traditional gaiwan process, the western steeping process as well as testing using our Qi Aerista brewer. We need to ensure that the teas that we provide to you will be enjoyed equally well in any method that you would choose.