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FAQ - Qi Aerista Smart Brewer

Just 4 simple steps! First, add water to the glass pot. Second, put the leaves in the infuser. Third, select the type of tea. Then hit the “Brew” button. That’s it!

Qi Aerista smart brewer how it works

You can also use the Qi Aerista App to brew your teas. Follow the same steps as in 1 to 3, then control the brewing process in your app.

Qi Aerista app


Depending on the type of teas, the brewing process could take anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes.

You sure can! Use the Qi Aerista app to customize the settings you want. You can also, browse the app’s tea library to find the perfect temperature & time for your tea and activate the brewing from the app with the right setting.

We advise using clean drinking water that is safe to drink without boiling. This is because for teas like green tea and oolong tea, the optimal temperature for brewing is below boiling. The water should also be low in mineral content to minimize scaling.

In general, we recommend adding 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea leaves per cup of water (230ml/8oz). However, feel free to add more or less tea leaves to find your perfect taste. We will also provide more details on the tea leaves and water portions for specific types of teas in our app and tea packages. A wonderful aspect about the smart brewer is that once you find the perfect tea leaves to water ratio then you can get the same great taste consistently every single time!

1) Cleaning the exterior

Clean the exterior surface of the pot (except for the bottom of the pot) with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft cloth.

2) Cleaning the interior

Wash the lid and infuser in water and gently clean them. Rinse the inside of the pot with warm water and clean it gently with soft sponge or cloth.  

For a more thorough cleaning, remove the flow tube and run water inside the tube. Use a soft brush to gently scrub the flow tube interior if necessary.

3) Descaling

Scale may build up in the infuser, flow tube and heating plate. Therefore descale if necessary using a commercially available descaler. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when descaling. 

We do not recommend putting milk products inside the smart brewer. To make great milk tea, simply mix milk with the tea in an external container (e.g. cup, jar, shaker).

We love spices, but we do not recommend putting spices unless you designated the smart tea brewer as your spice tea pot. However, we have recipes in the app to show you some super easy ways to make spice Chai with the brewer.

The Qi Aerista Smart Brewer is now shipping worldwide.