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Will Tea Keep Me Awake?

Will Tea Keep Me Awake?

“Will tea keep me awake?, it is a common question you may have asked yourself at some point. This question is a reasonable one for sure.

Caffeine in Tea

Tea has caffeine just like coffee. So tea must keep me awake the same way the caffeine in coffee does, right? Well not quite. And this all has to do with the way the caffeine in tea functions.

The caffeine in tea is affected by many different factors such as the climate and terroir where it has been grown and the water you use to brew it with, among scores of other variables. But aside from this, the caffeine in tea is also curbed by the effects of L-theanine. L-theanine is the amino acid that gives tea the calming, relaxation effect it is renowned for. So while you may be receiving a good amount of caffeine from your tea, it won’t give you that same explosive, jitter inducing feeling that coffee might.

In addition to this, the caffeine in tea takes a bit longer to kick in compared to coffee. One shot of espresso and you can feel it in an instant, but tea can take much longer to begin to diffuse its caffeine into our bodies. Coffee can also give one that nasty crash, whereas tea will allow one to coast on their caffeine for much longer, and the L-theanine can cushion any jitters.

When it comes to tea and sleep, of course an individual’s reaction to caffeine comes into play. But for the most part the relaxation and stress relieving effects of L-theanine should be able to put many at ease as they begin to wind down their day. If an individual’s body reacts strongly to caffeine, then perhaps choose an un-caffeinated herbal or floral tea instead.

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