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How to Prevent the Lid from Popping Up?

How to Prevent the Lid from Popping Up?

When the Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer is assembled correctly for brewing, the lid will push down on the spray cap to fully open the water outlets to disperse the maximum amount of water into the infuser over the tea leaves.

When the lid is opened during brewing, the elastic spray cap restores its form to close the water outlets and prevent excessive amount of hot water from spraying out for increased safety. 


The lid should stay closed during normal operations. However, we have received a number of reports that the lid will pop up by itself during normal brewing. To prevent this from happening, first please make sure:

a. The lid slot matches with the infuser tab when closing the lid.

b. Do not overfill the infuser with tea leaves. Expanded tea leaves during infusion may push up the lid.

Other Underlying Causes

If the above 2 tips didn't help, then the lid popping issue is probably caused by one or more factors below:

i. A stiffer than usual spray cap that pushes on the lid with a larger force than expected.

ii. A smaller than usual glass shell that slightly deviates the positioning of the spray cap to push upwards with a larger force.

iii. A smoother than usual infuser interior surface that reduces the lid's grip.

During brewing, the combined effects of one or the above factors with hot water will create a larger than expected upward force that pushes the lid up.  

More Useful Tips

To further stabilize the lid, please try the following:

1. Please ensure the interior rim of the infuser is dry and free of debris and moisture.


2. After finish placing the infuser and lid onto the pot, please push the infuser horizontally towards the spout. The positional displacement should be about 1mm/0.04in, and this should ease the upward pushing force of the spray cap.

3. If 1& 2 didn't help, you can try to fully cut open the 5 vertical slits on the spray cap to reduce its stiffness. Please exercise caution when cutting to avoid injuries.


Hope that clarifies the lid popping issue and get your brewer to be fully functional with a stable lid.



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