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Go Green with Qi Aerista

Rick, the founder of Qi Aerista shares the eco-friendly themes behind Qi Aerista.

We at Qi Aerista care about the environment and innovation for sustainability. In the following areas we would like to accentuate the eco-friendliness theme that underlines our project.

Say NO to capsuled tea

We don’t like capsuled tea not only because their taste doesn’t impress us, but because they also cast a large environmental footprint. We also don’t want to fence our customers to use our own specialized capsules (even though it may make perfect business sense). Even though we have plans to offer our special tea blends, there are options in tea bag packaging that are biodegradable at reasonable cost, which we definitely take into consideration.

Consider twice when buying ready-to-drink bottled tea

There are so many ready-to-drink options out there that heaps of empty bottles pile up in the landfills, especially during summer time. Because of this, we add a cold brewing function so that we can make fresh iced tea to cool down in the summer. Not only we can reduce the pressure on landfills, but we can also help stay away from the food additives and preservatives commonly seen in those bottled drinks.

More value for your money

With our unique patent-pending brewing mechanism, we made the brewing process more efficient. It means that you can get more great taste out of your tea leave.

Our water-tea separation architecture and keep warm function helps to maintain a quality brew for a longer time so you don’t need to throw out an over-infused or cooled-down pot of tea.

Last but not least, we will make it a priority to use biodegradable and recyclable materials for packaging and other printed media to lessen the burden on the environment.

Even though we are a small team at Qi Aerista, we hope we can still make a difference in helping our environment.

Qi Aerista, the Smart Tea Brewer

Making tea may seem easy, but making that perfect cup consistently requires some work. Let Qi Aerista help you! Qi Aerista is an app-connected smart tea brewer that lets you hot brew, strong brew and even cold brew your favorite tea to perfection every time. Want more info? Check out our Facebook page now!



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