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Qi Aerista Smart Brewer Update #32

Qi Aerista Smart Brewer Update #32


I am sure everyone has been highly anticipating over the past several weeks. This period has been incredibly busy for everyone of us on the Qi Aerista team in finishing out our first batch of brewer production, carrying out goods inspection at the factory, and managing shipment with our various logistics partners. 

Manufacturing & Shipping Update

Our first round of manufacturing is formally completed in mid June. It took a lot of us a lot of hard work to come this far.

Qi Aerista Manufacturing

Verification testing, goods inspection and other paperwork formalities took about 2 weeks to complete. 

Then the finished brewers were packed in boxes big and small and transferred to our logistics partners for shipping by the end of June.

Due to a component supply issue at our factory, we fell short of the targeted number of brewers produced, especially for the 220V version of the brewers.

In the end, we are able to fulfill about 85% of backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo from our first round of manufacturing. The fulfillment criteria is based on a combination of factors including backer number, geographical location, and number of units ordered. 


For those of you who are on our first batch shipping list, you should have already received order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails. Some of you even have already received our brewers.  


Once you receive your brewer, be sure to share with us photos and videos on how it goes on our Facebook group or Facebook page

Shipment Tracking

If you have received our shipping confirmation email with a tracking code, you can use our recommended tracking site to follow its journey. If you have a tracking code that starts with YT-, you can also use to track, which gives you the local tracking code for your last mile delivery (e.g. USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail)

For any issues with the delivery and usage, please drop us a note at

Second Round Production & Shipment

Our factory is finishing production of our second batch by the middle of August. And then we will go through the similar process in inspection, paperwork and shipment. 

If you still have not received any confirmation email from us by now, then your package will be shipped along with our second production batch. You will receive order confirmation around the end of July to early August. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

To ensure proper shipping, it is required to provide your contact number along with your shipping recipient and address.

Please refer to this blog post on how to view your address:

Please email us at by July 31, 2018 if you have any shipping information changes.

Updated App

Once you receive your brewer, be sure to link it with our updated app:

or by scanning this QR code with your smartphone:




Touching Hearts with Every Amazing Brew  


Rick @ Qi Aerista



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